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Liverpool’s Applet Music Productions are delighted to announce that following last years successful world Premiere of the new musical Heart and Soul, at the Epstein Theatre, Liverpool, that they are bringing this exciting and original musical production to the Floral Pavilion Theatre, New Brighton in March 2014, along with further Theatres to be announced shortly.

The hit musical Heart and Soul is coming! So… Get Ready!

Set in Liverpool, before the fast track routes of ‘The Voice’ and ‘The X Factor’ changed the music industry, Heart and Soul is an insight into the highs and lows of trying to ‘make it’, and how constant rejection creates self doubt, leading to disastrous consequences.Heart and Soul explores themes of unrequited love, unfulfilled ambitions, true friendship and the tenderness and love between mother and daughter.

It’s Liverpool in the mid ’90s, and Cathy Mason, a gifted singer/songwriter, receives another rejection letter from a record company. Cathy begins to accept that she may have to perform at dingy pubs and clubs forever, until her life is turned upside down, when she becomes entangled in a love triangle between the Memphis Record Producer, Red Carson, and childhood friend Michael Carlucci, as deceit and betrayal threaten to shatter her dreams.

A talented local cast, including: Charlie Griffiths (If the Shoe Fits, Ciggie Run and vocalist with Killa Sista); Claire Simmo (Radio City 96.7 presenter); Vicky Jones (BBC’s One and Only, Kylie Minogue); the hilarious Simon Foster once again playing the role of ‘Slimy Cid’, and Ray Davies reprising his successful role of ‘Red Carson’. Completing the cast are Ria Cheri, who takes on the role of ‘Cathy Mason’, and Simon Higgs playing ‘Michael Carlucci’.

This inspirational production is packed with original songs, spanning the genres from motown to rock, dance, ballads and jazz. Entirely written, arranged and played by the show’s producers, Liverpool duo Maria Cavanagh and Indra Nathaniel of Applet Music Productions. Heart and Soul will leave you emotionally drained and excited, with lots of laughter, a few tears and a guarantee that you will be singing the songs for days after.

Maria Cavanagh and Indra Nathaniel of Applet productions said:

“Heart and Soul has been eighteen months in the making – or much longer when you consider it is based on our own personal experience. We composed the music and lyrics, arranged and recorded it, created the story and script… Set in the 1990s, in Liverpool, before Pop Idol and X Factor, The story of ‘Cathy Mason’, is loosely based on our own journey, of dealing with broken promises and utter rejection, from a Music Industry that can destroy dreams in an instant.”

Featuring 15 original songs including the unforgettable and touching ballads, If I Only Had, Someone and Love Everlasting to the show stopping numbers ‘Get Ready’, ‘You Can Do Anything’ and ‘Boy From Memphis.’ Heart and Soul will leave audiences emotionally drained and excited! Destined for stardom, caught within the traumas of a love triangle that threatens to destroy her dream, can Cathy find love and achieve success? Find out in March at the Epstein Theatre.

‘You will only achieve what you truly believe’

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