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Heart and Soul is a wonderfully entertaining, fresh and original new musical, which will have you humming those catchy tunes long after the curtain goes down.” “The original score features 15 original, memorable songs which you can’t fail to like and sing along to, in a wide variety of styles including Motown, ballads, rock and the odd heart rending solo.”

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“For a brief four days at the Epstein, something quite extraordinary happened. This fresh and original musical proved that personal dreams survived the worst excesses of music industry manipulation and those burning flames of hope and ambition could still illuminate the dark recesses of isolation, self-doubt and despondency. This musical is unashamedly Liverpool at its populist heart and has never-give-up female resilience at its soul. The audience loved this show and gave it a standing ovation at the finale. You’ll be guaranteed to be humming them for days after.”

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“The ridiculously catchy Get Ready while a particular strength is power ballads like If I Only Had and the finale I Am The One”

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Heart and Soul possesses a good mixture of emotional content no shortage of comedic one-liners and successfully explores the values of close family and friends alongside the ruthlessness of the music industry. The rousing finale and encores were well deserved. Showcasing local talent like this is key and long may it continue, Heart and Soul deserves to be seen by more people and the show would benefit from an extended run of performances.”

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“The songs (particularly the foot-tapping Get Ready and touching ballad If I Only Had) are instantly memorable.”

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