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After years of trying get that elusive recording contract, it was time to accept that, maybe, success in the Music Industry had very little to do with talent. It was time to call it a day, stop doing all the things we loved, writing songs and performing on stage. It was a sad time…….the selling of our equipment and our beloved van that had transported us, all over the country to gigs, good and bad, but what a time we had! So……. what to do now?

Having spent the last 10 years working in Education, teaching music and hopefully passing on some of our experience to students, as eager as we were to become a success, it was time to move on.

After wanting to write a musical for as long as we can remember………it’s March 2011 and the first song is penned! And from that date it was as if the gates of suppressed creativity had been flung open, there was no stopping us. We composed the music and lyrics, arranged and recorded it, created the story and script. Eighteen months later………..Heart and Soul is complete.

Set in the 1990’s,  in Merseyside,  before Pop Idol and X Factor, The story of ‘Cathy Mason’, is loosely based on our own journey, of dealing with broken promises and utter rejection, from a Music Industry that can destroy dreams in an instant.

So , the people of Merseyside, here is your chance……….to come along and support your own. Come and hear 15 brand new songs, performed by a cast of incredibly talented singers and actors…………and written and composed by us…………….our success is in your hands!


Maria Cavanagh & Indra Nathaniel

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